Senator Flores’ Lover is a long time Gun Control Suporter.

I did a quick Google search for Oscar Braynon and Gun Control. I was not disappointed. First came this bill proposal from last session:

SB-170 Adding Prohibited Places for Weapons and Firearms – by Sen. Oscar Braynon (Democrat) – Prohibits Concealed Weapons and Firearms license holders from carrying firearms into any performing arts center or legitimate theater.

From the HuffPo:

Oscar Braynon, a black Democrat who serves as Florida’s Senate minority leader and represents the Miami-area district where Trayvon Martin’s mother lives, said that the Republicans who serve alongside him aren’t interested in engaging with data that shows “stand your ground” too often protects whites who kill blacks.

“These people don’t understand our struggle,” he said. “Repealing ‘stand your ground’ is one of the top two issues in my district, well before cleaning up the environment or lowering taxes. I live in the reality laid out in the data, while some of these other lawmakers seem to live in a theoretical movie.”

Braynon added: “I’ve heard them argue that African-Americans are committing more crimes than anyone else. So the point of that statement is what? Maybe they need to be shot? That’s the type of thing I hear. They say you need to get control of your people.”

From the quick research I made, he has been a long time enemy of Florida’s Stand Your Ground. And he likes to bring his status as “victim” of a shooting in a nightclub (but he did not get shot) to push for more gun control. And there seems to be coincidental voting  registered in the Legislature’s record:

TALLAHASSEE A Democratic push for a special legislative session on guns didn’t come close to passing — falling 46 votes short of what was needed.
But it did force candidates to declare where they stood on a gun control debate that has increasingly become one-sided, at least among members of the general public.

Source: No special session on guns for Florida Legislatiure | Miami Herald

How our two lovebirds voted?

Now, can we get the President of the Senate Joe Negron to have Anitere Flores removed from her seat in the Judiciary and get somebody who will show some support for Florida Gun Owners? That is, of course if he does not want to be in the private sector come January 2019 alongside with a bunch of other Republicans in the Legislature.