This is not how you get rid of the “Fake News” brand.

The Committee to Protect Journalists named President Trump as the winner of its “Overall Achievement in Undermining Global Press Freedom” award in its “Press Oppressors” awards Monday. The committee released a list of top global press oppressors on Monday in response to Trump’s upcoming “fake news” awards, giving Trump the top honor.

Source: Trump named top global ‘press oppressor’ | TheHill

Top level oppressor?  But wait, there is more!

Trump was also named the runner-up in the “Most Thin-skinned” category, losing the top spot to Turkish President Erdoğan.

Really? We are talking about the same President Erdoğan who in your own site you denounce for sending 73 journalists to jail while Trump has sent not a single one? You yourselves say that the Presidents that have the tightest control over their media are President Xi Jinping of China and Vladimir Putin of Russia by a combination of threats, jail and eliminating independent sources of news. But no, Trump is worse.

Maybe President Trump’s verbosity has led to the murder of Journalist in the US… and the answer is no. The country with the dubious honor of having the most journalist murdered (not killed while covering an event) in 2017 was Mexico with the United States sporting a big ass zero and that is according to Committee to Protect Journalists’ own database.

So you have to wonder with so many well-defined threats and real consequences for Journalists around the world, how come CPJ had to come up with its “Overall Achievement in Undermining Global Press Freedom” award against Trump. Maybe the answer resides on where and who is part of the entity. They are in New York City and this is a list of some (not all) of the member of the board of directors and assorted positions:

Stephen J. Adler of Reuters
Susan Chira of The New York Times
Sheila Coronel, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University
Jonathan Klein, Getty Images
Jane Kramer, The New Yorker
Isaac Lee Fusion, Univision News
Jacob Weisberg, The Slate Group
Matthew Winkler, Bloomberg News
Lara Logan, CBS
Christiane Amanpour
Tom Brokaw
Dan Rather
Andres Oppenheimer (Miami Herald columnist. Rumor has it he has burns a candle to the picture of Che Guevara inside his locker)

So suddenly it make sense why President Trump got such a nasty award: The same thin-skinned Fake-News-martini-Sipping Journos who get targeted by the President’s tweets are the ones who thought that was worse than jailing or murdering fellow journalists.

So basically we have Fake News awarding a Fake Award to the President.


9 Replies to “This is not how you get rid of the “Fake News” brand.”

  1. Their concern isn’t with the fates of a bunch of third world “journalists” who wouldn’t know Kobe need if it bit them, but with the protection of their own fragile egos.

  2. The New York Times has never denounced the Pulitzer that Walter Duranty won while working for them and Stalin. They’ve been fake news since 1932.

  3. Ya know-all these idiots screaming about trump the facist and putting “resist” stickers on thier subaru i like to ask them one thing- what exact rights has mr trump taken away from YOU personally????? What poor group of humans has he destroyed???

  4. OK, this is pretty straight forward. A simple test:

    Which side of the political aisle is the subject on?

    Trump is, arguably, on the right, therefore evil incarnate. Something as innocuous as not taking the AP reporters question first is clear proof of hatred toward a free press.

    Xi, Stalin, Castro, etc… on the left, they coups execute reporters for any reason, or no reason, and it will be ignored in favor of the narrative.

    Apply same test to any other topic. Sexual harassment, libs get a free pass, conservatives are crucified.
    Religious freedoms…
    First amendment…
    Criminal activity…
    Spying, treason, etc…

    1. Further proof? Here ya’ go:

      2016: No one wants a TV show personality to run for President. That does not qualify anyone for the Presidency.

      2018; Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes was Presidential! I hope she runs for President in 2020. (Headlines: Oprah seriously considering run for President in 2020)

      Apparently, only TV Personalities that are on the left side of the aisle are qualified.

  5. President Trump has to be the #1 baddie in these things, because if they were to take an honest look at their own stats, he doesn’t even register.
    Which means that all the hysterical hyperbole is utterly misplaced, just bathos and misdirection.
    And that means they are wrong and untrustworthy. Which they are, but they don’t want to admit it.

  6. The “news” media have to be the worst bunch of bottom feeding liars I could ever imagine assembled. I always knew there was a liberal bias in the news, but for years I thought the people decrying the mainstream outlets as pure nonsense were the tin foil hat types. Well, the media have only themselves to blame in the wake of Trump’s presidency for opening my eyes. Better late then never. Garbage and propaganda, literally all of it.

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