The a model of the Obama library has been revealed.



I can imagine the design process now.

Architect 1: “I wanted to design a library for Obama that really captured the true essence of his presidency.”

Architect 2: “Jesus.  It looks like it was done by a pretentious amateur.  It’s a turd, a total blight on the landscape.”

Architect 1: “Like I said.”

7 Replies to “Inspired”

  1. Give it month from when it’s finally finished (after many delays and “cost overruns”) to turn into just another graffiti painted venue for the drug trade controlled by whichever street gang’s turf it is now.

  2. It gets better. I read that this Presidential “Library” will be devoid of documents and books. Everything will be electronic. Talk about spending a boat load of cash for something that could be a website set up on a bathroom server.

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