Bad shoot in Tennessee

Watch this.

A Sevier County Sheriffs Deputy freaked out during an encouter, opened fire randomly into a trailer park, then had a panic attack and had to be disarmed by a Paramedic.

That in-and-of-itself is crazy.  Talk about a ridiculously bad shoot.

To make matters worse, the couple involved in the incident were charged with assault for making the Deputy have a panic attack.  The Sheriff defended the deputy for shooting at a man holding a phone.

I can’t imagine a greater cluster-fuck than a law enforcement officer randomly firing into a trailer park, except then saying this his loss of emotional control was caused by a guy holding a phone.

I’m surprised they didn’t charge the couple with destruction of private property for making the deputy shit his pants.

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  1. Not only does this guy randomly shoot into a trailer park, (thank God no one was injures) he repeatedly flags the paramedics and the deputies. I can’t imagine his fellow deputies want to have anything to do do with him on another call. As for the Sheriff’s actions, the only thing I can think of is “idiot brother-in-law” needed a job.

  2. Read the rest of it, the couple spent 42 days in jail on bogus charges because they were too poor to post bond and didn’t get a hearing in 10 business days *as the law requires*. They’re still trying to charge them with a misdemeanor resisting arrest.

    Its a clustergrope of epic proportions. Remember kids, don’t call the cops unless you want incompetent jackasses like this showing up.

  3. Based on the video description these people don’t sound like saints, if that is to be believed, but holy cow this is pretty bad on the cops is not very reassuring with his performance… Running away from the guy he just shot at leaving the EMTs there and needing to be disarmed… Damn.

    Also the video is too bleeped to hear the alleged “I’ve got a gun mother fucker” which is unfortunate, and coincidentally all you hear is I’ve got blank mother fucker. Guy could have said anything.

      1. I don’t recall disagreeing with you on that JKB. What appears to be indiscriminately shooting is hardly a proportional or justified response.

        Just adding that tidbit from the vid description for everyone’s edification.

    1. According to another article I found on the story, the object the man was holding is a camera. He, along with other witnesses, claim that he said he had a camera and he was seen by witnesses filming. The man’s camera was taken by the cops during the arrest, and when the phone was reclaimed, the film was not on the phone.
      Draw your own conclusions.

      1. That was exactly my thought when I watched the video and rewatched the I’ve got blank section. He could have easily said camera, just as likely as gun in that context and probably more so in this day and age.

        Also, was the lady pregnant or just fat? I couldn’t tell…

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