Our orange leader

Wolff:  “Most people have noticed the orange tone of Trump’s skin.  Most people think that it is from fake tan.  Really, it is due to the high intensity UV light that is used aboard Xenonian spaceships piloted by the Xenu people of Rigel 7.  They have been colluding with Trump for years.  Influencing his business and celebrity dealings with powerful mind control technology.  Trump was able to get elected president using Xenonian mind rays broadcast through our TV sets.  In exchange for winning the election on his behalf, Trump will be supplying the Xenonians with humans for enslavement and meat.  Dreamers are not going to be deported to Mexico but to Rigel 7.”

Media:  “If it rings true it is true.”

5 Replies to “Our orange leader”

  1. I need to start a new career as an author. This guy can barely put two sentences together in an interview and he wrote a bestselling book?

      1. “Yes, but to write like Wolff your first qualification is to be terminally dishonest. Do you have that qualification? I doubt it.” LOL

        Sad but true.

    1. I think I’m going to start writing Democrat Erotica, staring Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Anthony Weiner, and Harvey Weinstein. Should be a top seller.

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