The Delusions of Gun Confiscation.

I caught Shooting USA last night and they were showing the Gap Grind Pro-Am which is a precision long-range rifle competition and not an easy one. But these two images rang with me:


That is a lot of people with some very accurate rifles gathered to shoot and prove they are the best.  They were popping on-the-move targets at 500 yards  and shooting others up to 800 yards with consistency.

Again, with consistency.

The Left and Antifa is gonna make the Revolution wearing pussy hats, carrying fucked up Mosin Nagants (that had to “borrow” from dad) while they think they are gonna send the cops they hate to come and confiscate our guns.

Yeah, right.

5 Replies to “The Delusions of Gun Confiscation.”

  1. I don’t think many on the left realize how any of this works. Remember when Dianne Feinstein made that statement about wanting to order everyone to just “turn em all in!”? People like her think that’s all it’s going to take. Like people will say, “Ok, the government says I can’t have my gun anymore, I guess I better surrender them.”
    So she thinks the police are going to come take the guns? They don’t have 1/100th the manpower necessary to attempt that in even the bluest of blue areas. Not to mention that would only be good for the guns they know about, which is tiny fraction of the total guns out there. Leftist are big on dreams but low on reality and logistics.

  2. More important, at least in my jurisdiction, the local police will get the order to start confiscating firearms and that order will disappear. They will do nothing. I’ve already had that conversation with our local sheriff. Not happening.

    A local officer I spoke with was with a local police force just after the Lautenberg amendment passed. A letter came from ATF encouraging local police to check their records for domestic battery convictions and to go out and seize those firearms.

    The letter went straight to the trash with no action.

    If the left thinks that law enforcement is going to be lining up to go out and seize firearms, in much of the country they’re delusional. It’s not gonna happen. We won’t have to make that stand, in most of free America. LEOs won’t do it. Hell – sheriffs in most of New York have refused to enforce the SAFE act.

  3. Someone really needs to investigate these idiots, and find out just which kind of drugs they are hopped up on. If they think for one second that We The People are going to give up our firearms to them. However giving them (Not the Cops the Senators and Congressman) the bullets first, after they have been fired of course.

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