Colorado State University: A Liberal gets triggered by an opposing view. Violence ensues.

I am gonna give you the bullet points and then you can go to the video which is cued.

The older lady’s son apparently was shot to death by campus police.  She is demanding that they release the video of what happened, which suggests the incident is still being investigated. The problem for some is her sign:

And although all kids support her petition  to have the video released, several openly say the sign is not kosher and one makes an impromptu sign of his own:


There is a decent and civil back and forth between the parties and even when it gets a tad heated, it is well within the confines of a civil discussion.  The kid decides to make his own sign but he was not unaware of a Social Justice Warrior by his side.


Finished, the kid displays his sign and SJW reads it.


And she loses her loving mind. Let’s go to the video cued in place:

Those were not love taps but intentional hits to cause pain. A quick check online (IANAL warning) makes me think she can be charged with menacing (which is what Colorado calls battery), which is defined as when an individual has used violent physical force against the body of another person.  It is a Class 3 misdemeanor and carries up to 6 months in prison and/or up to $750 in fines.

The kid in his good graces refuses to press charges. I believe he was mistaken and that SJW Chick should be arrested and prosecuted.  By being nice you only reinforce the concept they can suppress Free Speech by violent means and be untouchable. She needs a legal punch across the face and that should include expulsion from the school and the full six months in jail where she will get daily gynecological examinations my Wanda Maria Jones.  Maybe her example will curb other idiots like her about getting violent just because they can.

But it is Colorado… kinda weird place to begin with.

Just kidding guys, nothing but love.



5 Replies to “Colorado State University: A Liberal gets triggered by an opposing view. Violence ensues.”

  1. One of these day, some #triggered SJW is going to try that crap on some dude who has real mental health problems- who will be triggered for real, and will proceed with the actual hitting.
    Afterwards, they will then turn to the same law enforcement people they are protesting and “triggered” against to do something.

  2. I guess I’m not enlightened, or I’m the ultimate male feminist , I’d have punched back. You don’t get a free punch. Ever. Man woman don’t care. Hit me and I will hit back. Period.

  3. I am with Joe. No free punch, especially since you have video and many witnesses that you were attacked first. I can see him being surprised after the first one, but once the second one landed I am afraid that she would have been backhanded half way across the parking lot. Joe, looks like we aren’t woke enough to be on campus.

  4. Not pressing charges was a mistake, however mot hitting back was probably the right choice. No way a liberal Colorado judge would rule in a mans favor and one false claim on the woman’s part could turn it into a domestic violence issue.

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