Honest Trump

This is Trump at his most honest.

Let’s be absolutely clear about something.  On balance, most of the nations in the world are shitholes.

I’m supposed to be offended that Trump has a problem with nations that chop off hands for theft or voting.  In fact, chopping off hands is the past time in the every nation in the Middle East and horn of Africa, except for Israel of course.

If you want to vomit, look up what Necklacing is and know that it is on the rise again in South Africa.

Then there is stoning, female genital mutilation, acid throwing.

Poor children in El Salvador are murdered for sport.

There are places in the world where it is believed that raping a child is a cure for AIDS.

There are places in the world where albino people are murdered by witch doctors because it is believes their bodies have magical powers.

Starvation, oppression, torture, and death are the norm for huge regions of the world.  Life is grinding misery and poverty.

Why is the West not like this?  Well, occasionally it is (the Holocaust, Holodomor, Communism, etc), but in general, the answer is The Greeks.

Athenian democracy was developed about 500 BC and then the Romans carried it on for a while.  After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Catholic Church preserved the philosophy of the Romans, there by saving Europe and inspiring the renaissance.  Then there was the Enlightenment in England, form there America was founded and Viola!  It only took 2,500 years of cultural evolution, with some serious hiccups in the process.

Most of the world didn’t experience that, and where it wasn’t experienced are shitholes.

While I am willing to embrace people who want to come to America to build better lives for themselves, I don’t want to flood America with shit people from shithole nations.

Think about making a roux.  You have to add the flower slowly to the sauce to integrate it.   Then it comes out smooth.  If you dump in a bunch of flower all at once, the roux turns to shit.

Flood America with shit people from shitholes without a process of initiation and America turns to shit.

If you don’t believe me, look up “European migrant crisis” in Google (until they ban that search).

So enter Vicente Fox.

Fox was the president of Mexico, while it turned into a failing narco-state.   Also known as a cartel run shithole.  Fox himself is a corrupt piece of shit just like the rest of Mexico’s leadership.

There is a reason Fox and other Mexican presidents have a problem with restricting illegal immigration.    They use the United States like a trashcan.  The Mexican goverment actually printed pamphlets encouraging the poor to enter the US illegally.  Rather than deal with Mexico’s problems and trying to help the poor, rather than creating a social welfare system and ending crime, the Mexican government throws its poor over the boarder into the US to make them our problem.

Fox has no respect for the US.  A rational nation would ask why 5% of it’s population wants to flee.  A shithole says “the poor are leaving, let’s pocket the money.”

The absolutely worst thing for Mexican leadership is to crack down on illegal immigration, because Mexico would have to actually deal with its domestic problems.

Fuck Vicente Fox.

Fuck most of the world for that matter too.

2 Replies to “Honest Trump”

  1. You’ve got good points.
    But Donald Trump is a piece of shit.
    He does not have any business being in the office he holds.
    It is a national disgrace.

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