I hate being right. A Nearby Somalia.

You may remember this scene at the beginning of Blackhawk Down where minions of the Warlord Aidid kill civilians to take control of trucks full of rice.

As predicted, Venezuela is now the Somalia of the Caribbean:

(Google Translate used)

Mérida.- Four people died in food protests that took place in municipalities in the north of Mérida state, three of them in the town of Arapuey, Julio César Salas municipality of Mérida state, where Wednesday night until Thursday at tomorrow there were demonstrations that the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) and Polimérida controlled…

…The burgomaster said that after the riots that occurred on Wednesday night, he ordered to keep all the trade closed until order and security in the municipality, but two businesses decided to sell rice on Thursday and it was at that moment that they arrived. the “assassins” to shoot against the inhabitants.

“An armed group in moving vehicles lashed out against people who were in a commercial place who lined up to buy rice,” said Mayor Silvio Luis Torres while saying that the facts are being investigated.

In Arapuey, a town in the north of Merida state and bordering the state of Trujillo, there are three fatal victims of the demonstrations that occurred for food since Wednesday night.

Silvio Luis Torres regretted the death of the people and confirmed that they were all inhabitants of the municipality.

The injured, 16 in total, who entered the Valera care center, which is closer to Arapuey than the El Vigía or Mérida hospitals, were diagnosed with gunshot wounds in the upper arm, thoracic region, dorsal thorax, upper limbs, face and neck, among other parts of the body.

Protests for food leave four dead north of the state of Merida.

According to the article, during the same time frame in other locations, a milk truck on its way to the processing plant was intercepted by people and then looted of its contents. People used whatever container they had available to steal the milk. Another truck with corn was also attacked, but it was not looted because National Guard arrived at the scene promptly.

This is what a particular Socialist Shithole looks like.  We have members of Congress, the Media and the Left with irritated genitalia due to undergarment torsion because of a “bad word” but they don’t lose a wink of sleep about this stuff nor that their actions will lead this country to become a shithole like that.

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  1. The last time in was in Maracaibo in the late ’80’s, much of the graffiti was ‘Kill the rich!’.

    Bien hecho, comrades. You killed the goose with collectivist government and now it’s on to “The Road Warrior”. So unexpected.

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