Understanding why the Hollywood Sex Predators are successful.

They have the support of the victims.

And I say right off the bat I love JLC. But as a Dancing Monkey, she is more attuned to the benefit of a madman who is starving his country to death as long as he can get missiles and atomic weapons because the POTUS is not the one she likes. I can bet you that her brain has not processed the fact that North Korea had an unfettered eight years of missile and nuke development under her Blessed Obama.

Now, when Harvey Weinstein returns to Hollywood, bet your ass she will be one that will accept him with open arms under the excuse that everybody needs a second chance because that is what victims do.

4 Replies to “Understanding why the Hollywood Sex Predators are successful.”

  1. Another celebrity suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    While it’s been entertaining watching racist liberals project their prejudices onto Trump this past week after the alleged “shithole” remarks, I do worry about what happens when he wins re-election in 2020 because the economy is still thumping and the Democrats couldn’t find anyone who wasn’t a radical leftist ideologue to run against him. I suppose the destruction/chaos starts in cities first, so at least I’ll have some lead time.

    1. Probably nothing at all. 4 years is a long time, and there’s more than a few young & woke SJW’s who will settle down, get a job, and grow up and out of the Leftist stupidity.

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