Dumbest movie ever

I finally got around to Kingsmen: The Golden Circle.

I believe this is THE dumbest movie ever.

Let me see if I get this right.

The world’s largest drug dealer poisons her own drugs infect drug addicts world wide.

She holds these addicts hostage for money and clemency.

The Kingsmen have to steal the antidote for the toxin to save the world’s drug addicts.

The President of the United States is the bad guy for wanting to let America’s drug addicts die from the toxin they ingested from their illegal narcotics.

What the fuck!?!

I think it is clear that Hollywood exists in a parallel bizarro universe.

I’m with the President on this one.  Sure Hollywood and the music industry would take a hit, but overall government expenditures would drop hugly, the economy would see a massive boom with a record government surplus, crime would fall to near zero, and the GOP would have a super majority and never lose a presidential election ever again.

I guess that makes me a Hollywood super villain.

7 Replies to “Dumbest movie ever”

    1. Personally I don’t have a huge problem with saving an addict once or twice in hopes of saving their lives and getting them clean.

      I do object to the repeat customer. Maybe if we raised the consequences for the addict? First time you get a big D tattooed on your chest, and a referral to treatment. Second time you get the N, and are held until they pick you up for treatment. Third time you get the R, the speech about this is your last chance, and a last shot at treatment. Maybe treatment in a remote location for a year? Fourth time? There is no fourth time, the DNR tattooed on your chest is honored.

    2. It’s one thing to deal with an overdose.

      It’s something else when it is a drug dealer holding addicts for billions in ransom. That was so bizarre I couldn’t get past it.

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