Democrats try to go Jedi Mind Trick on GAO

Remember the result of the GAO investigation where it was confirmed Gun Owners are very much respectful of the law for internet sales? Democrats are not happy about it and want to force GAO to repeat the experiment till they get the results they want.

WASHINGTON — Democratic lawmakers don’t like the methodology that the Government Accountability Office used to find that it’s difficult to buy firearms illegally on the internet.

The Democrats requested the report on online gun sales, but now they seem to want a new study to be conducted with different methodology.

“Well, when we send something to GAO, we allow them to do the process that they think makes sense. But we do have a disagreement with their methodology, and we’re going to go and sit down with them and discuss how to get at the problem,” Hawaii Democratic Sen. Brian Schatz told The Daily Caller last Thursday.

Dems Mad That Government Report On Gun Sales Didn’t Confirm Their Talking Points.

The point was never to find out if regular gun owners were following the law and selling illegally to known prohibited persons. The point was to kill internet sales and send everybody to a FFL for Universal Background Checks.

If this “changes in methodology” crap and redoing the study seem familiar, you are not wrong. This is the same crap they pulled with the CDC reports during the Clinton Administration which said over and over could not find a relationship between Gun Control and a reduction in criminal and/or gun violence. That did not make the Democrats stop and they kept demanding for more reports, wasting the time of the CDC and the taxpayer’s money which was the reason the Republican-dominated congress put the brakes on any further expenditures for such studies. The Dems have been trying to use that as proof the Republicans and the NRA are in cahoots to hide the real (but never found) reasons of “gun violence” without success even when Obama managed to bypass the congressional mandate, the results came the same as before.

But have no fear, Democrats will continue to throw tantrums and beat on a barn full of Dead Horses till they think they will get their way, even if they have to fake a report.
Maybe they need to hire that FBI guy who redacted the Hillary’s Mail Server investigation report.

Hat Tip John R.

4 Replies to “Democrats try to go Jedi Mind Trick on GAO”

  1. The average Dem congress critter knows less about actual gun laws than the average gun owner. The “internet loophole” is just a variation on the “gunshow loophole.” They “know” that the evil gun owning U. S. citizens are supplying vast quantities of arms to criminals, terrorists, and third world s***hole countries for fun and profit. Therefore, they need to keep “investigating” until they have evidence. If they can’t find the evidence, I’m sure FusionGPS will help, for a fee.

  2. Remember when Democrat Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan said “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”

    I guess that doesn’t really apply anymore, does it?

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