Manning is going to win

Yesterday I said that Chelsea Manning was running for Senate in Maryland and is going to win.

This is why.

From The Intercept, written by Glenn Greenwald:

Centrist Dems Launch Smear Campaign Against Young Trans Woman, All to Keep an Old Straight White Man in Power.

According to  popular voice in the far Left media

OVER THE WEEKEND, Chelsea Manning announced her candidacy for the U.S. Senate by posting a video outlining the broad themes of her campaign. Manning, a whistleblower who served seven years in a U.S. military brig for exposing systemic U.S. war crimes, was held under prison conditions so brutal that the U.N. formally denounced them as “inhumane.”

While her whistleblowing made her a hero around the world, Manning has also now become an icon of LGBT equality and trans rights with an act of profound bravery that at least matches, if not surpasses, her whistleblowing. She announced her transition, and demanded the dignity and treatment to which she was entitled, while she was imprisoned in the middle of a sprawling U.S. military base, in a brig at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

You see, Chelsea manning is a hero and a political prisoner.  A victim of the evil United States for being just too pure at heart and a victimized trans person.

The UN (yeah, the same UN that hates America and Israel and puts Nigeria, Iraq, Cuba, and Afghanistan on the Human Rights council) decided that Manning’s confinement was equivalent to torture.  That fact that he was put in solitary because he was passing classified information to our enemies (by way of Wikileaks) and the military wanted to cut off his access to the outside world was not a factor.

Manning’s opponent in the Democratic Party primary is one of the most standard, banal, typical, privileged and mediocre politicians in the U.S. Congress: Benjamin Cardin, a 74-year-old white, straight man who is seeking his third six-year Senate term. Cardin’s decades-long career as a politician from the start has been steeped in unearned privilege: he first won elective office back in 1966, when his uncle, Maurice Cardin, gave up his seat in order to bequeath it to his nephew Benjamin. With this dynastic privilege as his base, he has spent the last 50 years climbing the political ladder in Maryland.

The current Senator is a white guy of privilege, which regardless of political alignment,  makes him literally the devil and a worse version of Hitler.

Cardin has remarkably few achievements for being in Congress for so many years. One of his few distinctions is that he has become one of the Senate’s most reliable and loyal supporters of AIPAC’s agenda and the Israeli government, if not the single most loyal. In 2015, he joined with Lindsey Graham in kicking off the annual AIPAC conference, causing neocon columnist Jennifer Rubin to gush about how identical they sounded.

This would be irrelevant except that it’s some good Lefty anti-Israel Jew hatred.  Another good way to smear someone before the radical Left – “he supports Israel.”

Why have so many establishment Democrats so quickly decided to back a white, straight male politician steeped in privilege, while devoting themselves to opposing a candidate who would make history by becoming the first trans woman ever elected to the U.S. Senate, in the process inspiring trans youth around the world and helping to erode the stigma that has made them so vulnerable to discrimination and violence?

Because, maybe, backing identity politics isn’t the best idea when the trans person was convicted of violating the espionage act?

They’ve decided to do this presumably because they find Cardin’s centrist ideology and politics more appealing than Manning’s more radical politics, and believe that this trumps what could be the historic value of Manning’s candidacy. They’ve apparently decided to prioritize their own centrist ideology over the important gender, sexual orientation and trans equality progress that Manning’s victory would ensure.

By all means, support the radical that backs Antifa.  That’s a good way to say that you have a national platform that should be respected.

One can certainly make an argument that the license they’ve granted themselves here – to prioritize ideology and politics over identity – is a reasonable one. But one wonders whether they intend to maintain a monopoly on this license or extend it to others.

Prioritize politics over identity, except when it is the  exhaled victim identity of  trans.  Then by all means put a trans person convicted of violating the espionage act above politics.

If you worry about trans people, you might not want to put a tranny traitor at the forefront of the movement.  Now, not just do I believe that trans people are mentally unstable freaks who want you to call them Xir while they record videos of your daughters peeing in public restrooms, but they are all anti-American traitors as well.  Good job!

This is it, right here.  This is Manning’s entire campaign.  Vote for the trans political prisoner over the privileged rich white guy.

Forget about the treason.  Forget about passing US secrets to our enemies.

This is a victim of the white, cis, hetero patriarchal military industrial complex and its his time to hold power.

Among the radical Chic and far Left, this is a winning strategy.

For the rest of the US, it spells doom.

9 Replies to “Manning is going to win”

  1. Glenn Greenwald… The highpoint of his legal career was trying to force the Illinois bar to accept a white supremacist with a felony conviction. The highpoint of his journalism career was sock-puppeting comments supporting himself.

    He’s a clown, and his new love for “Chelsea” comes solely from the desire of both of them to destroy the country that won’t celebrate their insanity.

  2. If this works, male Dem politicians will be faced with a huge dilemma. Do I keep sexually abusing women, while professing to protect them, or have my genitals removed and get elected.

    1. If this works, Dem politicians will be faced with a huge dilemma. What act of war against the United States is sufficient to get me elected by the revolutionary Chic?

  3. Tar and feathers; It’s not nearly as destructive as it used to be. Ya don’t even hafta get the tar hot to apply it. Comes in 1 gallon paint cans at Walmart. Feathers are sold by the pillowcase in the bedding section. Could get the whole point across for less than $20.

  4. I agree with you. I, however, hope that the dhimmicrats beat this “poor trans ma….ER, uh, woma…., uh, thing! We solidly support a treasonous trannie ©, who in fact publicized secret materials, for the Senate, so the s/x/e could get access to yet MORE classified material!” Drum. Like a rented mule.

    I wholeheartedly support them on this quest. Tee-hee!

  5. Bradly is about to become the target of what I call the Pelosi Lesson.
    If you are a SF fan, yes, it is similar to the Kizinti Lesson, only more devastating.

    Basically, if a celebrated token of the Democratic Party forgets their place, and challenges the establishment, they will be destroyed, utterly, and with the full help of the Media.

    This happened when anti-war pet Cindy Sheehan ran against Nancy Pelosi. And got stomped.

    Manning will get the same treatment. Suddenly, lots of dirt will come out, and the Media will report it.

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