RPG ends a stand-off situation in Venezuela (Video)

Oscar Perez was a Venezuela Bolivarian Police’s Helicopter pilot who stole a chopper last year and took a couple of rifle shots to the Presidential Palace. He and his buddies had been hiding till yesterday when he was finally found by Government forces. He refused to surrender and apparently taken out.

One of the weapons used? RPG.

There has been an outcry by Opposition and non-chavista people in general because they used an RPG. Apparently there are rules to be followed and that includes only shooting people with foam bullets or some shit like that.

When dealing with communist forces, you cannot go Kumbaya, hope their souls start crying and that they will surrender: not gonna happen. And they have no problem using overwhelming force to annihilate you and the go get some cold ones. The problem with Venezuela is that people is firmly programmed to believe only a peaceful solution can save the country or foreign intervention. It is a sad mix of stupid wishful thinking and cowardice.

I do sincerely hope we don’t send troops down there. It ain’t worth it.

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