Takes one to know one

This post starts as something that recently came to my attention but the original post goes back a year.

Melinda Byerley is the founder and owner of Timeshare CMO.  In January of 2017, she sent out a Tweet (her account is now gone) in which she posted this Facebook screen capture.

A tolerant liberal called Middle America a shithole.

Ms. Byerley has spent the last 14 years in Silicon Valley.  She is based in San Francisco.

Let’s talk about shitholes.  San Francisco is one, literally.  It is a city filled with the excrement of homeless people.  Also needles.  Shit and needles fill the streets and alleyways of the City by the Bay.

There is an interactive map of where homeless people are shitting to help locals avoid the worst of it.

At the state level, California is the poverty capital of America.

Taxes are driving billions of dollars of business out of the state.

Investors has been tracking the business leaving the state, a trend which has been going up.

Toyota pulled 3,000 jobs out of California and moved them to Texas.

Not just did Toyota pull out of California but “Toyota Motor Corp. and Mazda Motor Corp. announced in August a joint venture to build a $1.6 billion assembly plant in the U.S. which would create 4,000 jobs and be up and running by 2021.”

Where are they going to built their plant?  San Fran-Shithole?  Nope.

Huntsville, Alabama.  Rocket City, USA.

So what does all that elitism in Silicon Valley get them?

One of the second highest costs of living in North America and streets full of human shit.

Us in “shithole” Middle America are happy to take the jobs you are hemorrhaging.

7 Replies to “Takes one to know one”

  1. As for me, keep your “progressive” politics in the People Republic of California and keep the caifornicators out of Idaho, it’s too damn cold here for your delicate sensitivities anyway. For those who want to live less crowded areas, but don’t feel the need to change us into the s-hole you fled, welcome.

  2. Looking at the assumptions poor Melinda makes about middle America, it’s evident once more that Reagan was right: It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.

  3. Well said. I’m willing to wager 1 SEK (I’m in Sweden for work right now) that she’s all bent out of shape about the ‘shithole’ controversy today.

  4. Oh, and lady, do you really need fiber to your domicile? You’re not producing media, you’re not rendering out 3D – you’re posting on social media all day and cranking out the occasional Excel document. I think whatever the local broadband company can provide will suffice. And shit, they may just have a fiber solution.

  5. “[M]ake your town a place that people like us want to live in.”



    If my town is someplace you don’t want to live, I’ll take the unemployment.

  6. The funny thing is North Dakota has a lot of call centers, many of which replaced Asian call centers. Also rural areas can have better broadband, the co-op in Scio Oregon was offering 100 megabit service in 2014.
    Coastal elites can be remarkably clueless.

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