The tide shifts in Hollywood

The Trump effect on Hollywood is going to be interesting.

There are two trailers for movies coming out in 2018 that have blown my mind.


Holy fucking shit, does that make the Lion of the Senate and the entire Kennedy clan look like a bunch of fucking monsters.

The other is 15:17 to Paris:

A move about the 2015 Thalys attack, when three off duty American military personnel kicked the shit out of terrorists on a train in France.

If Hillary were president, I doubt either of these movies would have been made.


3 Replies to “The tide shifts in Hollywood”

  1. Checked both trailers, the train one is definitely on my list now. Not so much the Kennedy one. Mostly because I don’t really want to spend two hours seeing what I already know about those creeps.
    I think Hillary got her “I’m entitled” lessons from the Kennedy clan. Not too surprising, she went to a socialist college in Massachusetts. In that state, it seems that being a member of that family is all you need for a successful political career. Senator, ambassador, congressman, whatever. Being a drunk is not a disqualification. Then there is Joe “Citco” Kennedy, one of the more enthusiastic supporters of Hugo Chavez.

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