Another Day, Another NRA Bash Party.

So Marion Hammer had the audacity to express her thoughts about the incoming NRA Board election and the Book of faces lost its collective poop again. If you have not seen it, the NRA is  and has been for at least 50 years actually a Gun Control Organization. Others are demanding the immediate cease of existence of the NRA and its Board Members be tried for treason.. or some idiocy like that.

The one that really ranked me was a well-known firearms instructor who had no problem dumping on Ms Hammer. I thought to myself “Is this guy an idiot (as many people have suggested) or did he simply ignores that it is directly because of Marion Hammer and her work in Florida and Concealed carry Laws that he actually gets to traipse the country making money instructing folks on how to shoot when they carry.

If we do not remember our history and have a small amount of respect for those who came before us and put up a LOT of work, we are doomed to lose our guns.

Stop being fashionable, start using your brains.

PS: I forgot the NRA Hater Paradox: They want the NRA to stop collecting money and to go fight in each individual State’s legislature (plus the Fred) against an Opposition that is being funded by a Billionaire and has unlimited free press access, all positive.
The haters will just sit and watch, of course.

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  1. Marion Hammer does not endorse Julie Golob’s candidacy for the NRA board. If Julie Golob does not well represent a segment of the present constituency of the NRA and future of gun culture (if there is one), I don’t know who does. To suggest that Marion Hammer could be wrong, despite what she has done in the past, IS thinking. To suggest otherwise is the epitome of NOT thinking.

    1. Rob Pincus, at least. Marty Hayes also. The modern NRA was born of a revolution and now we see alot of counterevolutionary thinking by some who suggest that to criticize Hammer is someone unthinking. Sad.

  2. Ms Hammer isn’t the NRA any more. She’s the director and apparent sole member of the Unified Sportsmen of Florida.

    Bashing on her isn’t bashing the NRA.

    While I appreciate what she accomplished way back when; I have to ask: How far does that appreciation take her when she’s opposed to my wants and desires with regards to open and campus carry? Where was she when, predictably, Democrats in all but name from the Miami area got plum seats on important committees to screw us over… AGAIN.

    What’s she doing TODAY for us?

    1. I keep hearinng she opposses OC and campus carry yet I have not seen that and I have been keeping track of the bills. I need to see an article, some sort of record of that.
      There has been opposition to Gun bills from pro gun people and nobody talks about that. .. well e and they dont like me anymore

      1. In keeping with “if you’re not with me, you’re against me,” it’s her utter lack of support for anything we’ve been asking for that leads me to think she’s opposed to the ideas.

        There’s a cop on arfcom who’s had more direct contact with her about this and he says she’s actively opposed. Miami_JBT is his screen-name.

        1. So you do not have direct knowledge, nor can quote her alleged “pro Gun Control” tendencies or refusal to support Pro Gun Bills that work, yet she is bad mostly because somebody told you.

  3. An NRA issue is the apparent attempt to prevent “unapproved” candidates from running for the board.

    There’s a schism developing between the membership and the leadership the likes of which has not been seen since Cincinnati.

    The vetting of nominees to the board of directors could be seen as an attempt to prevent the membership from asserting dominance over the leadership.

    I don’t want to be standing here saying, “don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos.”

  4. I’m going to address your PS note here, about fighting local and fed without taking any money, Miguel. I took a day to make sure I could do this with a cooler head.

    I actually want the NRA out of my state. I was a member of the NRA (one year), but also joined a local, grassroots organization in my state the same year. I’ve only in the last few years started getting active politically.

    In that one year, I saw our state organization get stabbed in the back by the NRA, excluding us from negotiations on a bill that we were the main sponsor for (NRA wasn’t involved until it was being discussed in committee). From talking to the people that have been involved my state for much longer, this is a common occurrence.

    So, my response is F*** the NRA, stay out of my state. They won’t get another cent from me until they start working with the locals that actually have skin in the game.

    1. Do share with us the amount of money you actually sent to the NRA ILA other than the ONE FULL YEAR you were a member.
      I don’t think your contributions will be missed.

      And please , feel free not to enjoy whatever benefits the NRA has brought to Gun Rights. At least do not be a hypocrite about it.

      And I extend that invitation to everybody: If you hate the NRA that much, do not be a fucking hypocrite.

  5. You do realize that you’re no more than “somebody telling me” as well.

    No more reliable or reputable than any other “somebody” I’m reading on the internet.

    If you’re going to establish a standard of personally observing something for it to be real, I have to discard anything you tell me as well. I wasn’t there to see Ms Hammer support us, as you say she did.

    Nor can you resort to saying you read about it, because that means you weren’t there either.

    1. Except we live in the age of Internet and I can ask you to visit the Florida legislature videos where Ms Hammer can be seen given testimony in favor of gun laws rather that the other group of pro gun people who actually stood up and shat on a bill which Moms Demand had also wanted dead.

      Or although you hear nothing but blessing and demands to be risen to sainthood, people have forgotten (or ignored on purpose) Alan Gottlieb actually supported the Manchin-Toomey Agreement for Universal Background Checks. The “treasonous” NRA opposed it.

      I am the internet asshole who keeps telling people “Don’t trust anybody’s interpretation of a bill, go read it yourself, analyze it.”
      What I am is bad for business for some individuals that have little to do with gun rights and more with fattening their checkbooks.
      Maybe I should prostitute myself, sure as hell I am not only not making money on this blog but losing it.

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