“Booo! I is scary!”

Senator Corey Booker had a temper tantrum against the DHS Director Kirstjen Nielsen . It was not only bad acting but a great display of the overuse of the Race Card.

But once again, it is a picture that provides a better description than a thousand words and if Senator Booker had any intention of being treated serious after this event, he can pretty much kiss it goodbye.

Jesus, what a fucking clown.

PS: It goes without saying that is a GOP Senator to a Democratic cabinet member what he did to Ms. Nielsen, the Media and the Libs would be standing in front of his house with pitchforks and torches accusing him of sexual violence.

5 Replies to ““Booo! I is scary!””

  1. Just ONCE I would love to see someone go all Trump on them in their replies. Something like ‘I don’t recall, but maybe T-Bone can help.’ Or in Dickie’s case where he kept asking her is she recalled to say “Well, I DO seem to recall you making up some comments about Romney a few years back…”. Just once. Those pompus twats all think they are better than everyone else.

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