The Platform of Chelsea Manning

I’m going to keep covering the Manning Campaign.ย  This is the Left wing version of the election of Trump.

If Trump was the Right saying that they were done with career politicians and they wanted a fighter than Manning is the Left saying they are done with career politicians and want a traitor in office.

So here are a few Tweets from his Twitter feed from only the last week.

This would end the economy.ย  What percent of Americans who got a UBI would never work?ย  What percent would decide that a life of subsidized indolence is all they want?

Manning is part of the no boarders crowd.

If you combine these first two Tweets, it seems like his platform is let anybody into America who wants to come here and then give them a basic income at tax payer expense.

We might as well just up and forfeit the nation because it would invite just about every person from every third world, shithole, nation on earth to live for free on the American taxpayer’s dime.

Nope.ย  Just nope.ย  This is not the systematic hunting down and extermination of people because of their religion or ethnicity.ย  These are people who are arresting criminals who willfully violated federal law.ย  But seeing as how he violated a law that stood in the way of his politics, it’s obvious he doesn’t actually care about the law.

Here is the Fox Tweet.

There are roughly 323 Million people in the US.ย  That puts the “full blown domestic occupation” at 0.29% or 1 cop for every 346 people.

When the German army invaded France, they used 3.3 Million troopsย to take a country of roughly 41 Million people.ย  ย That means the German army had 1 solder for every 12 Frenchmen.ย  A ratio of 1:346 is not an occupying force.ย  That’s like saying Austin, Texas is occupying the United States.

But why let facts get in the way of emoji laden hysterics.

Chelsea Manning is a full blown anti-Cop, anti-functioning goverment, anti-boarders, redistributive nutjob.ย  This is the Antifa platform.

You would think that taking him down would be easy, but he is a god damned darling of the Left.



9 Replies to “The Platform of Chelsea Manning”

  1. I hate to agree, but there is something to this “no national police” thing. I see no Constitutional article authorizing the existence of a national police.

    1. I guess because in left wing states like Maryland and Virginia, felons have been given the right to “participate in elections” as a way to ensure more Democrats get elected.

  2. Y all are forgetting Obamas “civilian police force as well funded and equiped as the US army” . Our biggest problem is just that- FORGETTING.

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