Why we need the Death Penalty.

In  2014, Luis Bracamontes shot and killed two two Sacramento-area deputies, wounded another one and shot a civilian in the head to boot. He is on trial now and even his defense attorney has said he did what he did.  Mr. Bracamontes is not very remorseful.

He is up for the Death Penalty and I am guessing his lawyer is trying to avoid that and get him Life without Parole.

He needs the get the needle. Sending him to prison is just a vacation for the asshole and not only that, he will be considered a VIP because he offed two cops. He will be high in the prison’s criminal pantheon, to be admired and respected for his past behavior. He will be mentioned as example to be followed by lesser criminals. Dead, he will only feed the worms.

Then again, I would not mind to see him found not guilty and let walk around free in the streets of Sacramento. Oh yes, I forgot: He is an illegal alien with a long record. That is the California Way, right?




6 Replies to “Why we need the Death Penalty.”

  1. Even if he gets a death sentence, it is unlikely that he will face the needle. Between the 9th circus and the the California court system he would most likely die on death row, or like Carlie Manson have his sentence commuted by governor Moonbeam.

  2. Good thing California just declared itself a sanctuary state with its representatives wanting open boarders. /sarc/

    I wonder how long it will take for California law enforcement to leave California like business do.

  3. That’s not an illegal immigrant, that’s a hostile militant. He deserves to be executed by being impaled on a spike at the border.

    Vlad the Impaler was apparently actually quite beloved by the people he was ruling over. And your enemies’ opinions don’t matter.

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