Absolute TDS insanity

Apparently President Trump is fine for a 71 year old man.

The media on the other hand has lost it.

You can tell from all the unhappiness of the media following the presser on Trump’s health, many in the media were hoping that there is evidence he will die soon or could be 25th Amendmented out of office.

Since that never materialized they have gone totally bat shit insane.


Of course Rear Admiral Ronnie Jackson,   Physician to the President, is lying.  Because TRUMP!!! 

It’s not that he could be a man of honor and Trump is actually healthy for a 71 year old man who can afford the best medical care money can buy. 

The media are going to destroy Admiral Jackson’s career because he gave Trump a clean bill of health.   I guarantee it.

Here is my prediction on the next Liberal/media talking point on this.  It will be something to the effect of:

“If he were a good doctor, why is he in the Navy?  If he really were competent he’d be making a lot of money in private practice.  He’d in the Navy because he’s not good enough to be a doctor anywhere else.”

Anybody want to take bets on this?

5 Replies to “Absolute TDS insanity”

  1. What is truly disgusting is the “credibility” given to an unethical true political hack (“Dr.” Gupta) who states categorically that the president has “heart disease” without ever having met him. I thought the armchair physicians that “diagnosed” Hillary during the campaign crossed the line but this is outrageous.

  2. And then again, there is the “oops” moment when TDS sufferers find out Rear Admiral Jackson was appointed Physician to the President on July 25, 2013, by Barack Obama, and retained by Trump.

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