Chelsea Endorsement

Chelsea Manning’s run for the Senate has been endorsed by none other than Linda Sarsour herself.

There you have it, Chelsea Manning is backed by the Jew hating, terrorists supporting, female female genital mutilation condoning, intersectional feminist.

The Women’s March is backing a man who committed treason  and now is calling him self a woman for a seat in the US Senate.

God Damnit, he is going to win.

8 Replies to “Chelsea Endorsement”

  1. If you are up in arms that Joe Arpaio is running for Senate in Arizona, but cool with Chelsea Manning (or whatever his/her/xer name is) is running in Maryland, you, dumbass, are a hypocrite.

    There. Fixed it for you.

  2. He’ll only win if the Dem in the cushy seat does something to piss off the DNC…..this is how machine politics work. Whats the story with the Dem in that districts seat?

      1. I believe that the Dems have gone too far down the rabbit hole. There is nothing outstanding about Ben Cardin. He votes along party lines 100%. He’s an old rich white guy. They can lose him and not lose much but stand to gain “the first transgender senator in US history.” This will also help Obama’s legacy as Obama was the one who granted him clemency. Not to mention it is a thumb in the eye of Trump.

        Pelosi was a party big wig. She had to be protected. Cardin is not a nationality recognized name. Manning is.

  3. She is equating Sheriff Joe, who’s worst crime is that he is a bit tough on convicted criminals, with Manning? A traitor to the security of the United States? A person who is only free today because the former President hates the US with equal fervor?


    I am a hypocrite. The only difference between the two is their differing political parties. Thanks for letting me know that Linda.

    Hypocrisy is pretending to have a set of moral standards, where you actions demonstrate you do not actually hold those standards.

    My standards are to punish crime, let the law abiding live free, and actually earn what you get. Sheriff Arpaio aligns perfectly with those standards.

    Manning? Not even close. Criminal, felon, sentence commuted (still a felon, just not serving any more time). Manning is famous, not because of something xe/xhe accomplished, but because the US Army was forced to pay for sexual reassignment procedures. Did not earn that fame. In fact, what was earned is a 35 year prison sentence.

    Sharia barbie is the real hypocrite here. Claims to fight for women’s rights, but supports a theocracy that denies rights to women. Claims one moral stance, fights for a different one.

    Isn’t it funny how it is almost always the left side of the political aisle that tosses out accusations of hypocrisy?

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