You are on your own.

This is the Miami Beach Police Department in what seems to be a celebratory Facebook post.

An under fifteen minute response time! Yipee! That is great, right?

Now I want to give you a perspective. This is a map of Miami Beach:

Miami Beach is almost eight miles long. It is a spec compared to the rest of the county and they have patrols cars, ATVs and bikes to move around.

And still took them 15 minutes to reach a location.

It is not a crapping down on the department. Lord knows Miami Beach is not normal and that includes moving around, but their post serves as an example that you cannot expect instant appearance from the cops when you call 911.

You are your own first responder, you are on your own.

3 Replies to “You are on your own.”

  1. Let’s do the math.

    18 square miles
    395 sworn officers
    Approx 22 officers per square mile
    Divide that by three shifts give you about 7 officers per square mile.


  2. Not all sworn officers will be on patrol. There are plenty of other functions that police serve that don’t involve patrol, not to mention higher ranks such as Lt and such that don’t actually patrol, but serve as administration, so the number is likely even lower than that.

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