Another cataclysm

First it was Net Neutrality. It was horrible, in fact a fully loaded 747 passenger plane crashed in my Home Owners Association and burned to cinders because since I have V.O.P in the home line, I could not call 911 and the cell phone was tied to the WiFi router. After that it has been Mad Max apocalyptic shit all over the place, but thanks to FEMA and the U.S. National Park Service, we have been managing. They had promised we would possibly have clean air again next month and electricity sometime in the next 5 years.

But last night, disaster! Government Shutdown!!!

Right around midnight past one minute, we heard the whine from the FEMA Priuses rev up as the workers left us to our own devices because they were furloughed. The Park Rangers apparently had been warned earlier and started to walk back to their observation towers sometime around nine pm without telling anybody.

We are no alone and without Hot Spots.

How are we to survive?

We are about to become extinct.



3 Replies to “Another cataclysm”

  1. Gubbmint shuts down……..nothing to see here folks,except the chairs and offices are actually empty instead of filled with empty people..
    And as usual it will be our men and women in uniform that suffer.
    remember all this come November….

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