ICE Raids vs California: They didn’t think this one very well, did they?

So the State of California is going balls to the walls being the sanctuary for Illegal immigrants of all sorts:

State Attorney General Xavier Becerra on Thursday acknowledged that the federal government has jurisdiction over immigration, even as he told reporters he was prepared to challenge any enforcement actions that violate California law…

…One new tool his office might use, Becerra said, is AB450, a state law that went into effect Jan. 1 prohibiting employers from allowing immigration officials to enter the private areas of their workplaces without a judicial warrant. It also bans employers from handing over employee immigration records without warrants in some cases. Previously, employers could choose to let immigration agents enter their businesses and detain employees even without a warrant. Employers who do that now are subject to civil

Source: Bay Area immigration raids: Can California stop them?

So, I am a Business owner who is facing the Rock of Federal Authorities enforcing the law that even the State Attorney say it is legal, and the Hard Place which is the penalties California if I allow ICE come into my business.

I know the solution: I fire every single latino-looking worker I have and substitute them by blacks or blonde-albino whites.  Hey, life is tough and if it comes to you or me, there is the door and good-bye.

The other solution? GTFO of California, which is something more and more companies are doing and we understand why.

12 Replies to “ICE Raids vs California: They didn’t think this one very well, did they?”

  1. What will be interesting is if California decides to resist ICE raids by force. By attempting to physically stop the Feds from enforcing the law. I fear the cold Civil War we’re in is going to start heating up.

  2. That’s asinine. Aside from facilities requiring some sort of clearance to be in that facility (i.e. defense contractors), the State of California cannot dictate who you let into a private facility.

  3. So California has decided that it’s wants its business raided. If ICE cant come in nicely, they’ll do it hard. It just means more ICE swat teams and more property damage.

  4. While it seems weird for state law to tell private individuals they must insist on a search warrant, there clearly is nothing wrong with private individuals deciding that they will insist on a search warrant.

    1. Nor was there anything wrong with cooperating without a search warrant.

      So… If ICE and BATF raid an FFL suspected of employing illegals and selling to prohibited people, how many California politicians will explode from the conflicting priorities?

      1. Answer- none, because FFL’s are merchants of death who deserve any bad thing that happens to them.
        Remember, they run on the feels, not logic.

        1. But where will the illegals get the guns they need to liberate California from the Yankees who stole all parts of Mexico with the roads, safe drinking water, reliable electricity, etc.?

  5. The only answer is to leave. Even if you fired and cut all contact w/ employees who looked remotely illegal, that’s discriminatory employment (gotta think like a lunatic here).
    So… just cut n run. Works pretty well if you’re smart.

  6. Just another reason why businesses will accelerate the transition to automation for low skill jobs. With $15/hr minimum wage, putting businesses in an untenable position regarding ICE inspections, OSHA, and unreliability of said employees, I’d be surprised if their are any jobs in the near future for people who’s only skill is the ability to ask “Do you want fries with that?”

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