Women’s March 2018 (Yawn)

Just a quick note. I went to the Twitter Land and checked the hash mark for the Women’s March in DC and other locations. Most places, the main theme was against one particular person which is reflected in this photo:

The Trump Derangement System was in full-blown mode during The March Of The Pussy Hats. What I did not see anywhere?

Not one sign bashing Weinstein or any of the Hollywood Sexual Predators.

The March was a bad joke repeated to exhaustion heavily made up with hypocrisy.



10 Replies to “Women’s March 2018 (Yawn)”

  1. I’m all for biting crudeness when appropriate, but if that’s the immediate go-to each and every time, it’s worthless. If this type of stuff weren’t ever-present, that lady’s placard would have gotten a chuckle out of me.

    1. Well, the do work in an industry where they regularly have to toss their standards and dignity out the window for a paycheck.

      How many actresses have had roles opposite men they are not in any way attracted to, but there is some sex scene. And, they willingly participate.

      If you are willing to sell yourself on camera, why complain about doing so to get on camera?

  2. These same people all had no issue supporting the rape enabler Hillary, and would never, ever make a sign like that about her actual rapist husband, Bill. In the absence of oppression, these women have had to make it up, all because Trump was recorded talking about grabbing a woman by the pussy. Never mind the fact that women are absolutely equals in this country, and there are no rights that men have that women don’t.

  3. Let’s see…

    Pink Pussy Hat – Check!
    Signs with the C word on it – Check!
    Pictures and drawings of female anatomy – Check!
    Numerous references to sluts, whores, etc… – Check!

    But, it is the evil conservatives that objectify women based on their lady parts.


  4. I thought the pussy hats were officially deemed “triggering” and “offensive” because they’re insensitive to trans-women and POC?

    Bunch of racist & insensitive haters!

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