Peak Victim

A black college professor at Fordham University wants being black to be counted as a disability.

Blackness, of course, is not, by itself, an impairment, however, disability law recognizes that many traits understood as disabling do not necessarily arise from a medical condition, but are instead simply traits that create disadvantage when combined with an inhospitable social or physical environment.  To recognize Blackness as a disability therefore requires us to acknowledge the ways in which racial hierarchies and White privilege persist and are embedded within these laws, policies, and practices such that they reify the very inequities they seek to eliminate.”

I don’t think she really thought this one through.

From a Social Justice perspective this double downs on victim status.  Not just are black people entitled to racial victim points but because of how they are treated they deserve disability victim points.

To anyone outside the insanity of Social Justice, what this says is:

Black people are invalids. They lack the physical and mental fortitude to handle living in Western societies.  They have to be coddled and accommodated or else they fail.  

Congratulations, this professor just managed to go full circle and come to the same conclusion as the Klan from the opposite direction – black people are inferior.

One can only go so far down the victim status road before a person stops being the victim of a bad system and instead loses all personal accountability.  She crossed that Rubicon. 

It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.  

16 Replies to “Peak Victim”

  1. I bet the next step is to get SSI Disability payments.

    It is laziness, nothing more. She wants reparations for slavery, but knows that is a non-starter. So, getting whitey to pay her every month because of a “disability” is the next best thing.

  2. “just managed to go full circle and come to the same conclusion as the Klan from the opposite direction”

    I agree. That position is REALLY gonna give the real racists fodder for their arguments.

  3. I’m going to go against the grain of my fellow commentators: I will completely concede the professor’s point. I will happily comply with her idea to “recognize Blackness as a disability” and do whatever I can to help stop “White privilege.”

    Just one, itty-bitty, detail needs to be addressed first. Could the professor please define “Blackness” in objective, empirical, testable and falsifiable terms?

    1. She could use the one drop rule?
      Or maybe she could ask the Afrikaaners?
      Or review the German NASDAP Nuremberg Laws?

      Racism and tribalism have all the answers.

      1. The ancestors of today’s Afrikaners have been living in Africa since 1688 and in a few families, since 1602.

        The first Africans arrived in British North America in 1619 as indentured servants. The first legal records of Africans as slaves – lifetime servitude and status inherited by children (partus sequitur ventrum) versus contractual term of service and then freedom – didn’t happen until 1662.

        So, strictly by the length of time spent living there, the Afrikaners have a better claim to being African than Black Americans have to being Americans. This is a very silly way of measuring things, but hey, that’s Identity Politics for ya.

    1. Hasn’t Africa suffered enough?

      AIDS, Malaria, famine, drought, Muslim terrorists, tribal genocides… and now they have to put up with smug American progressives?

    2. I suspect that they will find the racism & oppression in Africa to be far, far worse than in the USA.
      If they think the cops and courts in the USA are bad, wait until they get to the part of the world where “rights” tend to be which hands the cops are using to beat you.

      1. Given enough money, an immigrant from America could position him- or herself near the top of the heap. Not a bad place to be, until the next regime change. But in the meantime, I’d bet it feels pretty good.

    3. Angola has one of the lowest quality of life scores in the world. Budapest I just don’t get? Are there really a lot of black people in Hungary?

    4. Honestly, I’d say go for it if that’s what you really believe you need to do.

      All I would ask is, renounce your American citizenship when you go. No backsies.

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