Bad dad

My daughter is only six weeks older than Tom Taylor’s.

I can tell you right now that I am a better father than him and my daughter will be better than his.

How do I know this?  Here’s why.

He is going to teach his daughter that everything in life is patriarchy and male privilege and intersectional oppression.

I am going to teach my daughter that the thing that matters most in life is quality.  Do a job and do it well.  If you want respect, you prove to people that you are worth respecting.  People will value you, not because of what you are but what you can deliver.

His daughter will spend the rest of her life being a victim.

Mine will learn to earn what she wants.

His daughter will protest some microaggression in college, while mine is studying some academically rigorous subject.

Then some day, many years from now, when Tom is standing next to his daughter at a woman’s march bitching about the patriarchy, I hope my daughter comes down for her corner office and punches him right in his mangina.

2 Replies to “Bad dad”

  1. Nothing more than a Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer.

    I am not sure where he heard Trump openly brag about assaulting women. If he is referring to that audio tape about grabbing cats, that was not openly bragging. A private conversation between two adults was taped without his knowledge.

    But, why let facts get in the way of a good story.

    Bet it isn’t even his daughter. Mommy probably has a real man on the side.

  2. Why is this Cismale running for a position of power? Shouldn’t he put his time and effort into electing womyn and POC?

    Dude talks smack about patriarchy, but wants his patriarchal butt in charge of things.

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