Do you have 30-40 Krag stuff?

There is a lost soul howling at the Gun gods because he cannot find 30-40 Krag ammo for his newly gifted bangstick. McThag is wailing like a lost puppy because he cannot take the rifle to the range.

So, please check your basements or your great grandaddy boxes, there might be some old ammo, cases, bullets, reloading dies, loading tables, anything. send it to him before we see him in a news item under Florida Man and something to do with feeding alligators to goats.

12 Replies to “Do you have 30-40 Krag stuff?”


    I also can’t ever post comments to McThag.

    Dude (McThag,) I love your site and would love to post comments, but the system won’t let me comment at all. Can you look into this?

    I am tired of seeing no comments when I want to comment. And I have good things to comment on. I promise I’m not a Russianbot, or a Demobot, And I love Traveller (Classic Edition.)

        1. In theory any OpenID compliant login will work. In practice, just Google.

          If you’re not seeing the comment box or logins I’d check to see if you’ve got a script blocker stopping it if clearing your cache doesn’t help.

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