Where did we go wrong?

I loved the Road Runner cartoons, in fact it was not the Road Runner but my admiration was centered in Wile E. Coyote. Why? He did not have quit on him.  I always wanted to see what kind o newfangled contraption he was going to use to catch the Road Runner.

But you know what I never did? Try to do what he did in real life. I never sat on a rocket or played screwed around with dangerous stuff because I knew it was dangerous shit that could hurt me or somebody!

When did we lose that basic principle of common sense? When did the moment of “Maybe we should think this a bit more” go?

And whatever happened to teach Stop-Drop-Roll?

5 Replies to “Where did we go wrong?”

  1. Yup, they were very funny….it started when We the People sat back and let the liberal doo gooders take over media and our schools. I got out of high school in 1982. They didnt like students that questioned what teachers said. I think that era was the start. Common sense and think for yourself was not encouraged.
    Now we have morons eating tide pods,gee go figure.

  2. We had our share of idiots back in the ’60s as well, a high school friend of mine blew a couple of fingers off trying to make a rocket engine out of a used CO-2 cartridge loaded with home made rocket fuel. And no, I wasn’t there at the time.

  3. Like the idjits doing that Tide pod eating challenge in boobtube, I say let evolution take care of phasing out these “mental giants” from the gene pool.

    ‘Life is hard; it’s even harder when you’re stupid.’

  4. I think some of this is just the same level of stupid made more visible by phone cameras and YouTube. America’s Funniest Home Videos had similar exercises in stupid back in the 80s. The rest is down to monkey see, monkey do. Because it’s more widely disseminated there’s more imitation stupid e.g. Tide Pods.
    What makes these clowns doubly stupid is that the same Internet that shows how not to do it, would also provide instructions on how to do it right, if they had bothered to look it up.

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