Only the Left could make him palatable again.

Let’s face it, J. Edgar Hoover did bad things just like people staying in a powerful position for too long, but I do believe he did a truck-full more good than anything else.  But after his death, the Left demonized him as he was the direct spawn of Satan on this Earth.

Now the Libs have managed to make the FBI into worse political weapon they accused Hoover to ever do. Let’s face it, he did not like the Kennedys, but sure as hell did not use the Bureau to sabotage the elections even when he had the info that could have done it.


2 Replies to “Only the Left could make him palatable again.”

  1. It’s probably too much to hope for the left to look in the Constitution and realize it says the FBI isn’t supposed to exist at all.

    1. The Left has NO Problem with the FBI Criminality. Nor do they have a problem with the IRS, BATFE, OSHA, and EPA Criminality.

      That is the problem.

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