Please go with that

At a town hall meeting, Nancy Pelosi said this.

Not to be out done, Debbie Wasserman Schultz said this.

That is the Democrat message.

A $1,000 bonus isn’t much.  You can’t even get a good bottle of Cabernet or dinner at a Michelin two star restaurant got that.”

Please, for the love of everything holy, run with that message.

That’s two new truck payments, or six weeks of groceries, or a month of daycare.

That’s a destination vacation for a middle American family that might not have gone anywhere since the economy took a shit back in 2008.

They have nothing to sell but envy. 

Sure, Trump got you a $1,000 bonus, but the company got more and that’s not fair.”

I just don’t think it will stick this time for most people.  After years of it being tight, an extra $1,000 can feel great.

Convince Americans to hate an extra  $1,000 in their pockets. 

I’m sure that will be a ticket winner in 2020.

9 Replies to “Please go with that”

  1. Sssooooo, remember when obammys “stimuluss” gave us all 600 bucks?
    An moochelle said “what can you buy with that? A pair of ear rings?
    Well FU@# YOU you bunch of elitist aholes…an extra grand would be great for me. What would pelosi give us???? A tax INCREASE???
    Remember this come November.

  2. $1000 is:
    -A new Colt 6920 AR-15
    -A new Glock 19/Beretta APX/plastic gun of choice + good holster, extra mags, and a case of ammo
    -A new Colt Series 70/ Springfield Range Officer 1911 + extra mags
    -A new set of good tires for the car, plus tune up
    -A used Silverface Fender Bassman combo amplifier
    -A new Fender Geddy Lee Jazz bass, Epi Jack Cassady bass, Guild Starfire, or other higher end production bass guitars

    Any regular Joe can see a whole lot they could do with an extra $1000, from just for the heck of it stuff, to covering a lot of essentials around the house.

    1. And while we are at it, “A $1,000 bonus isn’t much. You can’t even get a good bottle of Cabernet or dinner at a Michelin two star restaurant got that.” has got to be the most out of touch with real people, stuck up 1%er thing I’ve ever heard in my life.
      I’m sorry, your highness, but most of us people aren’t crying over our inability to go out and get a $1000 meal for two at a fancy restaurant. For that money, I can treat close to 20 people to Doc Fords in Sanibel, and eat just as good.

      And this also says a bit about our Oh So Socially Conscious Democrats, who live a full out spend and spend upperclass lifestyle.

  3. Ref Duchess Pelosi’s comment about the expense of a dinner at a “Michelin two star restaurant”: in MY world, Michelin makes tires. Didn’t know they rated restaurants. Likely, spendiest restaurant I’ve been to, is a little Italian restaurant in Traverse City, Mi: lovely diner for two, around $80. Gas and parking (it’s around 150 miles away), extra. And, TOTALLY worth it. Special occasion dinners for SWMBO and me.

    1. Actually, the Michelin Tyre company has published a guide with restaurant reviews all the way back to the days when the French Army was considered the best in the world. And they’re pretty tough- a three star rating is the culinary equivalent of a PHD.

      That said, thinking that regular folks be disappointed because they can’t afford something that level is just plain out of tough.

      1. It was a way to get rich people to buy cars. The guide was originally given away with tires, sort of “these places are worth driving to and staying at” for restaurants and hotels.

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