WTF is going on in DC?

Let’s recap the news from the last couple of weeks.

The FBI bent over backwards to ignore any crimes Hillary Clinton committed to exonerate her of any wrong doing before the investigation of her malfeasance was completed.

It seems that Trump was right and president Obama used a FISA warrant to spy on his presidential campaign.  The FISA warrant may have been obtained using the “Trump Dossier” that was made up out of whole bullshit and paid for by the Hillary Campaign.

Two FBI agents having an affair with each other, were on the Team investigating Trump and texted back an forth how much they hated him.  Going so far as to say something about an “insurance policy” that seems to read as though they were willing to fabricate evidence to take down Trump if he got elected.  It looks bad.

Now we find out the these FBI agents talked about a “secret society” in the FBI, which seems to indicated that there was a group of FBI agents out to get Trump.

Then the FBI loses all of those texts in a “glitch.”

The media response is “GOP lawmakers seize on ‘secret society’ texts to cast doubt on FBI.”  Because “how the hell did the FBI lose critical evidence in the middle of an investigation” is not responsible journalism.  

Some Republican Congressmen have gotten a memo that something, something, corruption, something, bias, something, maybe Obama, something FBI being political, something, looks really bad.

The public outcry has been to “release the memo.”

Newsweek says Russian bots might be behind the “release the memo” campaign.  NBC says they are.

The FBI wants to review the memo that makes them look bad before it is released, because that doesn’t make them look worse.

The Democrats then proceed to wipe their ass with a piece of copy paper, call it a memo, then say they won’t release it, trying to gin up demands to release their on distraction memo.

This is a cluster-fuck of epic proportions.

It seems like EVERYONE was so sure that Hillary was going to win that they could go for broke on corruption because it would never come back to haunt them.

This is a Greek Tragedy.  It is Democrat hubris that caused this.

If we find out that Hillary Clinton killed her mother and Bill is really her Father, it wouldn’t phase me at this point.


5 Replies to “WTF is going on in DC?”

  1. Panicing dumbacrats looking for anything to prop up their sinking party.
    Its getting old. In the words of obammy-” we won, get over it”…

  2. “This is a cluster-fuck of epic proportions.”

    Yes indeed. Aint it grand?! 😀

    The libtards went totally, completely and hopelessly *FULL RETARD* and now the chickens are coming back to roost with their gizzards hanging out.

    I’ll be gleefully watching the meltdown of the Democraps and their libtard cronies with a six pack of Sam Adams and a large bucked of popcorn.

  3. Even if the DNC, Hillary, Bill, Comey, et. al. all end up in jail (probability zero), the CNN spin will be that it’s all Trump’s fault, because he is so bad they had to break the law to save the country.

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