And speaking of mailing stuff.

One of the envelopes I sent was my first NRA Election Ballot.

Have you sent yours?

And no, I am not telling you whom I voted for… OK, just one: Robert K. Brown. His articles and the ones from other writers in Soldier of Fortune, were my first comprehensive Second Amendment reading.

Sorry, but I am faithful to my Elders and Wisers.
(Is that even a word?)

4 Replies to “And speaking of mailing stuff.”

  1. I sent mine in today. Voted for Adam Kraut, and no one else this time. It would be nice if the NRA would include in the issue following the vote count who won. I’ve cast votes before and I have no idea if anyone I’ve voted for in the past is on the board or not.

  2. As far as I know the winners are announced at the Annual meetings and voting is held there for the at large seat and I believe all winners are announced on Sunday. All I know is I ain’t voting for grover. And I will send more pics from the meetings this year Miguel

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