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As your average American, I don’t do a lot old-school mailings. Maybe the occasional big envelope or package and almost always through the US Postal Service. I know, but I never had an issue with them and I had plenty with the private carriers.

Today I had to send out a couple of envelopes and SURPRISE! Not a single stamp to be found in the house. If there is one things I hate with passion is dealing with the inevitable lines at my local post office. It is not necessarily crappy postal workers but the customers: You see, Cubans (I am including all Hispanics) not only want to argue about everything but they do it loudly and suck the time and joy of being outside the house. And you don’t wanna be there in Payday when every single sucker goes buy a Money Order.

So, I exclusively go to this almost never used machine in the lobby of the same location:

For whatever reason, this machine is almost always free when I drop by.  Today was no exception (The line at the counter was 18 people deep, I counted them) but I was mailing only a couple of envelopes and the machine informed me that the minimum transaction was $5 and gave the option to buy stamps. Oh hell yes, sure as hell I don’t wanna stand in line and I was already hearing what sounded like an argument about the price of sending a box to some exotic Caribbean location with urgent shit for mom.

I was expecting to get a booklet of some sort like you get at the counter, nope: printed the QR code on the stickers right there after a quick ATM card transaction.



TADA! A few seconds later, the envelopes were tagged and deposited in the proper slots. Total time in the Post Office? I’d say easily under 10 minutes.

IMHO, the USPS should machines like this not only in every post office but any business that would take them. Go to the supermarket? Do your postal stuff there. Gas stations also come to mind.

Just my opinion.

2 Replies to “Love me some Technology”

  1. Interesting…remember obammys off the teleprompter comment about how fedex and ups run great,its the post office that sux? According to uspo website the average postal employee makes 59K a year. I say replace 90 percent of em with the machines. Maybe the ones left would have a better attitude.

    1. My Mail Lady retired a couple of months back. You could have set your watch by her.
      So we have a new guy, but I am still checking him to see if he is a decent mailman. The staff at my post office? Pleading the 5th.

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