Movie Intelligentsia complains of Movie’s Bad-mouthing” of the Tailban.

Since the invasion of Poland by the Nazi blitzkrieg in 1939, it has been in the Military Sacred Scrolls and Historical Commandment Tablets that Cavalry is dead. It was a foolish thing when the Poles attacked tanks on horseback and think they had any chance of winning. It couldn’t be done then and now in modern times, no way Jose.

Till a group of Green Berets and a bunch of Afghanis did just that in the opening days of the War on Terror. Not only they won that battle, but they toppled the Taliban as the De Facto governance of the country.

There has been many High Speed-Low Drag shit done during these years of war, including the killing of Bin Laden, but nothing can topple that, specially from a group of truly special operators  who avoid door-kicking-superman actions and shy away from any publicity.

The movie “12 Strong” based in the book “Horse Soldiers” has ruffled the Social Warrior Justice’s feathers something awful.

This quote should give you all you need to know:

The Taliban are portrayed as black-clad savages, executing women who teach others above eight years old how to read and write.

Not for nothing, but that is an accurate portrayal of the Taliban. Others include the beat downs as a first and only warning of males not wearing beards; after that was death by an assortment of methods. Suicide bombers targeting strictly civilian targets and the destruction of any  historical artifact from an era or culture not mentioned in the Quran apparently escaped the critics. It should not be surprising since at the time, “human rights” organizations were more into trying to denounce the US and have US Soldiers tried for Crimes against Humanity than actually go after the truly evil fucks that ran Afghanistan and gave OBL refuge.

I cannot tell you if the movie is any good and I will keep to my tradition to wait for it in PPV eschewing theaters, but if it is any close to the book, it should be a decent flick. I hope it makes money and pisses the critics off just like it happened with Act of Valor.

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  1. It’s amazing, but everyday that goes by, I find myself being more disgusted with SJW’s and the Democrats (to the extent those 2 differ). There’s no bottom, they just sink lower and lower.

  2. Poles attacking tanks with horse cavalry is one of those stories that are too good to be true , and, in fact , this particular story is nonfactual .

    The Poles certainly did have cavalry in 1939 , as did many other countries; and were quite familiar with tanks ( they had a few – very few – of their own ) . It was well recognized that cavalry was , at best, obsolescent, but it did still retain usefullness in a scouting capacity .While the Blitzkreig was spearheaded by motorized vehicles, much of the German supply train was horse drawn , and remained so even during the Battle of France .

    The infamous incident occured when a Polish Lancer Brigade attacked ( and defeated ) a Germany infantry unit at the town of Krojanty . The Poles themselves were subsequently attacked by German armored cars ( not tanks ), and were themselves defeated .

    Following German advances, foreign journalists , including the American William Shirer , where they were told that the Poles had charged tanks with cavalry . That often repeated story is pure Nazi propaganda , but sadly, it’s a much more memorable tale than the truth .

    1. Can you point to any good factual accounts of the Polish Calvary in the early days of WWII? Should like an interesting subject to add to my already too long reading list. Thanks

      1. I know there was a book I saw like 30 years ago that covered that, but I can’t remember the damned name….and it was in Spanish. Basically they knew what they were facing and went anyway.

    2. Also, the Soviet Union made good use of mounted troops as scouts, and for attacking German supply lines and isolated outposts. The vast distances of the eastern front, and the ability of mounted troops to operate independent of fuel supplies made them a viable fighting force against the Nazis. Yes, the idea of a grand cavalry charge opening the way for a decisive breakthrough died in the trench warfare of the Great War; however in rough terrain and remote locals, guerrilla warfare still has a place for horse solders.

  3. The other thing useful to know about the Taliban is that it is supported by — and according to some accounts, created by — agencies of the Pakistani government.

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