No such thing a Church Sanctuary. (Update)

Watch the video, just five minutes will be enough:

If this pastor is that misguided (or lying), she is doing a tremendous disservice to her flock. There is the new sanctuary movement resuscitating the old one from the 80s and the Salvadorans but now because it is the cool thing to be against the law because Trump is president. Mind you, people got in trouble back in the 880s for doing the Sanctuary thing simply because there is no legal protection for it. The Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law offers a Legal Toolkit for the New Sanctuary movement, but buried in it, you will find the following:

We believe that it is unlikely that the historical tradition of offering sanctuary would provide a defense to an indictment under 8 U.S.C. ß 1324(a)(3). As noted above, church sanctuary for criminal offenses was abolished by statute in England in 1623 and thus did not enter the United States as part of the common law. It has [*7] never, as far as we can discover, been recognized here by any state or federal legislation. n12 The only way to use church sanctuary as a successful defense on historical grounds would be to persuade the courts to resurrect the common law right. This is unlikely. Not only have centuries passed since sanctuary was abolished by statute, but there are major policy implications in a decision to revive sanctuary. Sanctuary grew out of the need of primitive societies for a place of respite. Where blood feud and tribal concerns dominate a society or the courts are weak or the executive is too ready to dispense harsh and bloody punishment, there may be a need for sanctuary. None of these conditions exists in this country today. We doubt the courts would be willing, even in the face of sympathetic facts, to hold that they were no longer able to enforce the country’s laws in the church sanctuaries. n13
n12 Although a complete search of all state laws enacted since 1789 is impractical, we have reviewed human rights treatises, general and specialized encyclopedias, and historical reference works without uncovering any reference to an American law dealing with church sanctuary. Churches have often opposed particular government policies by preaching civil disobedience, but not, as far as we can determine, by claiming a general exemption from the legal process


Again, there are no sanctuary laws at either state or federal level. However there are laws against harboring criminals. The only reason churches get passes is because the Bosses do not want the bad publicity that will come with any public action.

So, once again,  There Is No Such Thing As A Church Sanctuary.

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UPDATE: Scrappycrow informs that the pastor is no longer associated with the church.

 EAST HAVEN, CT — Just a few days after the Old Stone Church Pastor confronted East Haven Police officers that they searched inside her church for an accused violent fugitive, church officials announced that the Pastor, Rev. Care Goodstal Spinks is no longer with the church.
In a lengthy post on social media, the Old Stone Church (aka First Congregational Church of East Haven Inc.) released the following statement.
“We are deeply saddened by the events that unfolded at the Old Stone Church on Tuesday January 23. The behavior and language on video by the Intentional Interim Pastor, do not necessarily express the opinions of the wider congregation. We have accepted a letter of resignation from the interim pastor -effective immediately.”

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