Just beautiful

I could care less about the Super Bowl, and most of the ads are shit.

This one from Budweiser hits it out of the park.

It is a true story.  Budweiser regularly shuts down beer production to produce canned drinking water.  Budweiser uses its network of trucks and distributors to ship that water to emergencies.

Budweiser shipped over 155,000 cans of water to the Gulf after Hurricane Harvey.

Truth is, I didn’t know about this until I looked it up for the Super Bowl ad.  I really glad they did this.  It’s stories like that that show just how much America is the opposite of a shithole.

Politicians are happy to shit down the goverment and hurt people to get their way.  They are happy to use an emergency to line the pockets of their donors.

Then they get in front of the cameras and proclaim loudly just how altruistic they are.

A private company, much maligned by the same politicians, quietly goes about using their resources to help people.


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  1. I discovered Budweiser water in the late ’80s early 90s. There was severe flooding in South Eastern Alabama and the trucks started delivering cans that said Budweiser Water. It was the first time I drank water not out of a tap. A novel experience all around.

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