Feminism causes Al Jazeera to ask a stupid question.

Answer: Because soccer has a bigger worldwide TV following than tennis. He plays for the Real Madrid of Spain and the games are transmitted across the globe to hundred of millions of fans a year. And when in July 15, the 2018 World Cup ends and Cristiano Ronaldo played with his national team of Portugal, more three and a half billion people would have watched the games or an average of 116,000,000 people every day. The income in TV ads alone will be amazing.

Tennis? Not even in their wettest dream they can achieve that. But Equal Pay is the buzz term lately because “Feminism.”

6 Replies to “Feminism causes Al Jazeera to ask a stupid question.”

  1. I luv it when sjw talk about “equaulity”…liberals too…most who pay women on staff and average of 40% less than the men. When ever you hear fairness,equal,ect you know the reality is they want everyone equaliy miserable and the elites at the top. Tennis is like watching paint dry,or grass grow. BORING.

  2. Indeed. To have Al Qaida, errr, I mean Al Jazeera, pretending to support feminism is about as believable as Kim 3rd sending out a tweet pretending to favor democracy.

  3. Maybe women tennis players should playing as much as men. Men have to do best 3 of 5 sets. Women only play 3 max. Let’s see Serena huff around for 4 hours instead of 2. Why are basketballs for wnba smaller? Why is the net lower for women’s volleyball than men’s?

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