The last Days of the Grammys.

This is one of the Grammys I consider to be the best. It was 1987 and the Academy took a bold chance to allow some comedian be the host of the show: Billy Crystal. He was magnificent and came back twice more before being kidnapped to the Oscars.

There were many magnificent performances that year, but I think for what we have been talking about, this is the example I wanted to leave: Pure music played with heart my masters of their craft.

Crank it up, it is well worth it.

What I did not know at the time was that I was watching the last days of the award. In 1990,  Milli Vanilli won an award for Best New Artist and even gave a fake performance right before the truth about lip-synching exploded to the masses but it had been known in the business since the year before.

I don’t think they ever recovered from that one. Mistrust is an awfully hard stain to remove.


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