Need a gaming buddy

I’ve had a number of people, online, throw the name Paul Nehlen at me.  It’s been in response to my assertion that the worst anti semitism in America right now is coming from the Progressive Left.

Sure there are some neo Nazis on the alt right, but they have no power.  They are losers.  They are neo Nazis because they are angry, powerless losers.

The anti semites on the Left are professors, big name activists, politically influential people (*cough Obama, John Kerry cough*).

So they throw out Paul Nehlen.  He’s running against Paul Ryan in the GOP primary.   He did this before and lost.  That’s putting it mildly.  He was beaten like a starlet that said “no” to Hollywood producer.

I had to look up who he is.  This is his Twitter feed.

I need somebody to help me play him in a game of Risk.  When we beat him, hopefully he’ll shoot himself in his basement and then I won’t have to hear about him anymore.

6 Replies to “Need a gaming buddy”

  1. Can we PLEASE at least on here stop calling nazis the “alt-right”? National SOCIALIST party is so far to the right they came back around LEFT. Alt right is an invented word the dumacrats use to smear us Americans…. notice how liberals are always pointing the finger at someone else for supposedly doing exactly what dumacrats are doing? THEY are the party of hate. Its causing them to meltdown,I luv it…

    1. National Socialists are just socialists who realize people of similar cultures are more likely to get along than people who just share a broadly-defined job or “class”. The modern “progressive” left is blatantly national socialist, down to the “leader principle”, their belief in street violence as a political tool, and their attitudes about “race”.

    2. Actually, the reason the Nazis got the labelled as being “right wing” was because to the full-on (far-left )communists, they were right of the (far-left) commies. To far-left progressives, anyone who believes in letting any sort of private ownership of property, private ownership of business, or any sort of economic “freedom” (as opposed to a top down, socialist quota driven manufacturing from government owned shops) is “alt-right.”

      A fascist is a leftist. A Nazi is a leftist. A communist is a leftist. A socialist is a leftist. All flavors of progessives are leftists. All believe in government control of the economy, and a strong central government. The only differ in the details by which they ruin your life and destroy the economy. Some are willing to let it be destroyed more slowly, with some aspects of the economy still run by privately owned businesses. Those are the “alt-right” or “right wing” or “fascists” as compared to the super left wing nutjobs such as commies and other socialists.

        1. And does it really matter who strung the barbed wire around the concentration camp, or if they are stamping on your face with their left boot, or their right boot?

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