State of the Union Address: This is what petty politics looks like. (Update)


Great news for the African-American community and what I can only guess is the Congressional Black Caucus receive the news with anger and pettiness.

But what can you expect after this:

(CNN)Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-Louisiana, said Tuesday that some members of the Congressional Black Caucus will boycott President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address, while others “will stare racism in the face” by attending the speech.

Let’s face it, the Congressional Black Caucus only has power if the African-Americans remain poor and hopeless. You commit the mistake of making them independent and self-sustaining, they won’t vote for you.

UPDATE: PJ Media caught the same thing (kinda hard to miss) and Stephen Green makes a wonderful analysis:

Trump used political judo against the Democrats tonight, daring them to sit and stare as he boasted of the benefits that conservative policies have delivered to liberal constituencies.

And by and large, Democrats took the dare. They refused to applaud for delivering on jobs to blacks, on providing a path to citizenship for Dreamers, on moving our embassy to Jerusalem, and other items, too.

Trump reached across the aisle, counting on Democrats to slap his hand.

They did.


3 Replies to “State of the Union Address: This is what petty politics looks like. (Update)”

  1. All this makes perfect sense. Socialists need people to be dependent on government. Independent people scare them. Self-sufficient people scare them. Those are the people who don’t need them, who put their parasitic jobs at risk. So any policy that might help people move from dependence on welfare into paying jobs and being able to stand on their own are something they oppose and will attempt to sabotage whenever they can.
    This is the attitude we got to see last night.

    1. The Democrats also bought into the idea that they would possess a permanent demographic majority. Hillary would inevitably follow Former President Obama*, and Congress would again turn deep blue.
      That was an article of faith, and it’s not happening.

      *I love typing that out

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