When you outlaw X…

London is having a huge spike in gun crime.  An increase of 42%.  This, improbably, in a city in a nation that has banned hand guns and made gun ownership impossibly difficult.

Knife crime in London is up 23%.

There is a lot of information that is missing from these reports.

So let’s turn to Sweden.

Police in Sweden are turning up AK-47’s at crime scenes, and gangs are roaming the streets with them.

There have been so many hand grenade attacks in Sweden there is a Wikipedia page that lists them, and police are having to have a “hand grenade amnesty” for people to turn them in.

It seems that the issue is when you have uncontrolled migration from Middle Eastern war zones, people tend to bring stuff from home with them.  Stuff like AK-47’s, handguns, and hand grenades.

A country can ban the civilian sale of all the guns they want, people will just walk them into the UK and Sweden from Syria in a backpack.

Maybe now is a good time to note that the Mexican cartels have been using military weapons in their war against the Mexican government.

I’m just thinking that if some Somali can carry an AK into Malmo, it’s just as easy for someone to carry one from Nogales to LA.

Food for though.


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  1. I believe that after every turn of the gun control screw in Great Britain, the firearms related crime has increased. Almost like it doesn’t work.

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