The political suicide of Chelsea Manning

I was sure that Chelsea Manning was going to get elected Senator from Maryland.  He had everything going for him, a huge Progressive cult following for being an trans-woman, anti-American, anti-cop, anti-military, traitor.

His victory was certain.

No Republican would have been able to stop him.

Then he did the unthinkable.  The one real sin of Progressivism.  The one act that could not be forgiven as #Resistance.

He acted the tiniest bit friendly with someone on the other side.

Chelsea Manning crashed an alt-Right party,

and shook hands with Mike Cernocivh.

That was it.  He was infected with the NAZI cooties.

There was no excuse possible.  He stood next to a member of the alt-right for more than a second and didn’t bash his head with a bike lock.  That’s enough to make Manning part of the alt-right.

And the result is:

He’s done.  Taken out by his own people.

This is just like my last post about Bill Nye, the one thing that I progressive can’t do is be seen being amicable with a non-Progressive.  They will be torn down by their own side for this.

Commit treason against the Unites States an go to jail for it, that’s a plus.  Shake an alt-right hand and they will burn you at the stake.

I can’t wait until the next American civil war.  We just need to release a video on Twitter of the Left’s commanding general shaking hands with Sebastian Gorka and they’ll just start shooting each other.



5 Replies to “The political suicide of Chelsea Manning”

  1. Who knew that being civil to their symbols of hate could destroy them?

    Smile, be polite, and stand your ground. It drives the Progressive Social Justice Bullies insane. Add in a strategic “I’ll Pray for You,” which oftens sends the worst completely apoplectic. Sometimes it makes the almost normal ones stop and actually think. Smile and be polite, until it it time to not be polite.

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