There are consequences for your partisanship.

It is pitiful to see the reaction of the Media to President Trump’s first State Of The Union. From what I have seen and read this morning, apparently he signed an executive order to send black Dreamer babies to Guantanamo Bay to have homosexual electrocution therapy or some other happy imagined horse shit.

Our local bird dropping catcher closed ranks with its political masters:

How disconnected is Morin from the public? If we go for what fellow Media corporation said, 75% of people liked Trump’s SOTU. 

I know, I know, political opinions are to be trendy and against the powers that be, but that does not explain the previous eight years of Morin’s and the Herald’s suction of Obama’s private parts. But it comes a point that you need to figure out if you are truly the newspaper of your town and if you are actually being read which means reaching at your community. There is a bulletproof way to find out and that is income. Unfortunately for the Herald, their income has dropped through the years as locals have cancelled subscriptions and are not wasting time and effort to get them online.

There is perhaps no better representation of how far the Miami Herald has fallen that these to pictures. The one on top, was the old magnificent Herald building that overlooked Miami’s Biscayne Bay and to my recollection was part on at least two movies: Absence Malice and The Mean Season. Below is their new headquarters, a warehouse-type building in El Doral which is very far away from the bay.

But you have to understand why the Miami Herald is royally pissed, so much more than other media outlets. Not only they are in a warehouse, but they are located a mile away from the Doral Golf Resort and Spa owned by one Donald Trump and more likely they have to drive in front of it every frigging day.

Karma, apply twice a day.


4 Replies to “There are consequences for your partisanship.”

  1. “It is pitiful to see the reaction of the Media to President Trump’s first State Of The Union.”

    Pitiful, yes. Surprising, nope. The MSM progtards are as predictable as ever.

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