Adam Schiff has gone past full retard

Adam Schiff is the Democrat Congressman from California’s 29th Congressional District, a district that includes the cities of North Hollywood and Van Nuys.

He had been all over the news recently as a vocal opponent to the release of the Nunes Memo.  He accuses it of furthering a conspiracy theory, causing a Constitutional crisis (a meaningless term), and most recently, accusing Nunes of altering the memo.  It’s evident that Schiff has something against government transparency.

But that’s not why I’m going to criticize him today.

Adam Schiff opened his lying lie hole and said this.

The Russians pushed racial division in this country.  Not the Democrats and their identity politics, having Black Lives Matter at their convention.  The Russians did that on social media.

So the Russians were responsible for Obama’s racial decisiveness and race relations getting worse?

That is still not the dumbest thing he said.  It is that the Russians promoted the Second Amendment to get Americans to kill each other.


The homicide rate in America has been dropping and hit a 51 year low.  It ticked up a little in 2016, and one-fifth of that was in Chicago alone.  If you look at the cities where murders have gone up, they are overwhelmingly run by Democrats, in Democrat states with strict gun laws, and are heavily tied to gang and drug crime.

Among regular (non gang member) citizens, murders are reaching all time lows.  Even if the Russians were promoting the 2A, the result wasn’t white, middle class Americans killing minorities, or vice versa.  It was (mostly back) drug dealers shooting each other or killing innocent people in their neighborhoods in the crossfire.

Then to say that the Russians love the 2A is ridiculous.  Russia has very tight gun control.  Gun rights under the Communist regime were non existent.  Before that, the Czars were also restrictive of armed peasants.

Gun rights are an extension of the belief in liberty.  Our gun rights evolved from the idea of individual liberty starting in the earliest form with Athenian democracy and the Magna Carta.  It took centuries of evolution of these ideas to get the 2A.

In 1497 Czar Ivan III created the Sudebnik, which was added to by Ivan IV (The Terrible) in 1550.  The Sudebnik was the opposite of the Magna Carta, limiting the rights of Russians as subjects of the Czars.

This is one reason why the Communist Revolution took place in Moscow but not London, they didn’t have a history of 800 years of rights but 500 years of oppression as part of their societal conscience.

So Representative Adam Shiff has the gall and idiocy to state that the idea of one of America’s most substantial civil liberties is just a promotion by Russian tyrants to get us all to murder each other.

That is the most disingenuous and dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.  That is a conspiracy theory for the ages.

Not just is he wrong on principle, but the numbers don’t even fall in his favor.

What this does do is go to show you just how off-the-deep-end, completely bat-shit insane these Democrats have become.

There is NOTHING that they can’t blame on the Russians now days.  Nor is there anything they won’t try and take away from you because… Russia.

Just wait, I guarantee that “The Russians” will become the excuse to curtail First Amendment rights – especially on line.


5 Replies to “Adam Schiff has gone past full retard”

  1. He comes from the land of fruits and nuts…if guys like him are screaming about something,its GOOD for America…if guys like him luv it, bend over cause here it comes again…

      1. I figured the Russian abandonment of Soviet communism made them the Democrats’ second direst enemies.

        (Republicans remain #1 for taking their slaves away.)

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