The Hillary/FBI/Russians FISA memo is out and here is a copy.

Here is the FBI memo. I am not a lawyer, but I kinda figure that lying/obfuscating to a judge about where you got the info to request a FISA warrant is a huge no-no.

Stand by for many many “What’s is the definition of the words ‘is’?” These assholes will not go quietly into the night.

Holy shit, J. Edgar Hoover has to be laughing his ass off wherever he may be. God knows he hated the Kennedys and had the info to fuck them up, but he was smart enough not to go that way.

My take? The Left got enamored of all the tales their writers created about FBI interference in the political process and said, “Hey! Why not do it? Ours is a noble cause and we can go full Machiavelli.”

PS: It just occurred to me.  The FBI’s defense will be the old tired “To the best of our knowledge at the time” excuse.



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