Deep State vs. the People

A former CIA official admitted on CNN that the un-elected, career employees of America’s federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies do not see themselves as subordinate to the Executive Branch but a separate and wholly unaccountable part of our goverment.

I’ve never liked the term Deep State.  It sounds very tinfoil hat conspiratorial.   Not quite to Bilderbergers level, but bad.  It’s like when I hear someone say “military industrial complex” I have to roll my eyes a bit.

I have talked about the Iron Law of Bureaucracy before.

The Iron Law of Bureaucracy states that in any bureaucratic organization there will be two kinds of people: those who work to further the actual goals of the organization, and those who work for the organization itself. Examples in education would be teachers who work and sacrifice to teach children, vs. union representatives who work to protect any teacher including the most incompetent. The Iron Law states that in all cases, the second type of person will always gain control of the organization, and will always write the rules under which the organization functions.

The statement by Phil Mudd means that the FBI has entirely succumbed to the Iron Law of Bureaucracy.  It is no longer a law enforcement agency at the DC level.  The management of the FBI exists ONLY to reserve the their jobs and the funding of the Agency.

What is so scary is that rather than simply graduating students with zero proficiency in math, as the education bureaucracy will do.  The FBI has the power to destroy politicians that get in its way, and if protecting the FBI bureaucrats requires a bloodless coup, so be it.

This is horrifying to the future of America, that the  bureaucrats are so beholden to the  Iron Law of Bureaucracy, that they are willing to throw an election away to stay the kings of their little fiefdoms.


5 Replies to “Deep State vs. the People”

  1. Don’t entirely dismiss the tin hat brigade. The implausibility of conspiracy theories does not disprove the existence of conspiracies, and even the paranoid have enemies.

  2. “The work force is going to say that ‘This is an attack on our ability to conduct an investigation with integrity’ …”

    So worker bees conducting an illegal, and politically motivated investigation of a sitting president whom the senior level leadership decides they don’t like is behaving with integrity? We have already seen the FBI abuse its power for political purposes in the Hoover years, It appears that the politics may have changed but the attitude hasn’t.

    If the FBI can do this to the president, what can they do to ordinary citizens who don’t agree with their politics? I suspect the answer is any damn thing they want. Many of the People of the Gun will resist at great cost, but nearly half the country think that this is OK and will quietly wait for the Gestapo (KGB, Red Guards, etc.) to knock on the door and cart them off to the concentration camps.

  3. I am no authority on war, nor much of one on retail level violence. Nevertheless, having read writings by folks who have seen wholesale violence, have seen civil wars, I cannot begin to desire it to be visited upon my children, my neighbors, my country. Therefore I pray for peace, that peace which accompanies liberty for all. I pray God deliver us from the fruits of our follies. But, if there is no escape, if our future contains violence, I pray that I may stand between that violence, and my children. I can only echo Thomas Paine’s words.

    “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace”

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