Let me see if I got this memo thing right…

The DNC and the Hillary Campaign hire some former British Intelligence guy named Steele to create a damaging Dossier against Trump. Cost? $160,000. The intermediaries are Fusion GPS and Perkins Coie law firm.

That Dossier is sent to the heads of the  Obama Department of Justice which uses the “information” as an excuse to request a FISA judge to issue a warrant to place the Trump campaign under surveillance. The judge is never told where the info came from not how tainted it could be since it traced directly to the DNC and the Hillary campaign.

In the meantime and under orders from Fusion GPS, Super Spy Steele leaks “info” from his dossier to media sources which is used by DOJ and FBI as confirmation to support the warrants .

Super Spy Steele’s contact in the FBI is Assistant Deputy Attorney general Bruce Ohr who is married to Fusion GPS and is part of the team digging (creating) dirt on Trump. Ohr himself documents that Steele is desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and become a president.

The FBI jumped the gun with the Steele Dossier. The warrants were requested and obtained before the thing was verified. When it was finally done, it was labeled as “minimally corroborated.”

To summarize, under orders of the Democratic National Commission and the Hillary Campaign,  a Fake File was created and sent to Obama’s DOJ where it was rushed without verification to obtain FISA warrants to spy on Candidate Trump and try to find dirt at best or to cast doubts at worst so he would lose the election. Again, the Democratic party used the Department of Justice to spy and sabotage an election.

And the Media is OK with this. In fact, they are dismissing this blatant attack on our country by Domestic Enemies… as they should because they seem to be accomplices to the whole show.

And, of course, the Mueller Investigation will continue because the Democrats say so and hope there is something to be use to impeach President Trump. It does not matter that the foundation for the investigation is this whole corrupted mess, it is the Trump administration that must fall. If Mueller had ANY gonads, he’d start again, but changing his sights to the Democrats and the Hillary campaign.

But we know that is NOT gonna happen.


4 Replies to “Let me see if I got this memo thing right…”

  1. This country should have several names the United States of Clinton, the United States of Corrupt Democrats, the United States of the Crooked Obama, and
    feel free to add your thoughts to this list. The political situation is no better than any DICTATORIAL country. Instead of one dictator and all his minions, ALL the minions are working separately to show the world how a FREE and DEMOCRATIC country can get a dictator without using weapons. Maybe that’s why they insist on taking AWAY ALL THE GUNS from people that are law-abiding. They’re running scared folks and the laughter you hear is from THE U.K. and AUSTRALIA where they have resolved their problem.
    Never give up and keep OUR country FREE.

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