My new FFL:

FFLs are a touchy subject. You don’t want to tick off old established ones because you may need them in the future even if they are reluctant to do a transfer for a gun they did not sell you ($35 and up I have seen).

Unfortunately a lot of the small FFLs tend to disappear, probably because it is a pain in the butt and all of the sudden, you are back again browsing Gunbroker’s database.

Today I met Rick from We had been communicating via mail about the best times for us to meet to get my transfer and his prompt responses were encouraging. He not a gun seller per se (he can get you guns at good prices) but does business out of his CPA office in Miami Lakes. First impression? I liked the guy specially after he “confessed” that he got the FFL to get a tax break out of his hobby. The whole experience was smooth, fast and $25 which appeals to the cheapskate in me.

So, if you live in the extreme North West Miami Dade or South West Broward counties, you can drop by over Rick’s to get your FFL needs taken care of. You may not want to tell him I sent you, I am not sure if the guy liked me. (hehehe)

So, a FFL who is a CPA? Kinda reminds me of another infamous individual who is now a New York Times Bestselling author. Damn, I forgot to ask him if he has ever read anything from Larry Correia.

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  1. Good to hear. I really think this is a big part of the future of gun sales and Gun Culture 2.0.

    When I moved to Illinois, the local gun store charged $125 OR 10% of the MSRP, whichever was HIGER, He didn’t want to do transfers so made it as expensive as possible.

    Then I found a guy, a retired cop who had an FFL and did transfers out of his kitchen. His house was already zoned residential/commercial because his wife operated an at-home business before he applied for his FFL. He charged $25.

    The guy I use now in Alabama has a store front open part time and charges $20 per transfer, $50 for NFA, and $100 for setting up an NFA trust.

    More and more gun sales are going online, Buds Guns, Gun Broker, Arms List, etc. You can sell used for a lot better a price than what you’d get in trade at Cabelas. The gun industry is going the same way as other retailers. Online sales are cheaper and small retailers can’t get the same deals as the big box stores.

    The only independent gun stores I’ve seen that are still doing well all have indoor ranges, and slowly I’m seeing the gun shelf area go down and the range area go up.

    If I had a small business I’d get an FFL, doing mostly transfers and online sales, either as consignment or selling off items from estates. A dealer’s license is $200, plus the cost of finger printing, and you need approved safe storage, so a big gun safe. I’ve been told all together, you can get into the FFL world, if you already have a business location, for $1,000 – $1,500.

  2. Getting a FFL is not too hard so long as you do your homeworks. Local ordinances and such can make it a bit more challenging though. For anyone thinking about it, I would definitely recommend signing up at Brandon’s compilation of information is invaluable and will get you through first time without making (costly) mistakes.

    You are correct about the discounts not being as high without the volume, but my pricing is still better than anything online, generally speaking – particularly if you think collectively and profit is not really the primary objective.

    I actually started my FFL not just to make my hobby tax deductible (although that is a nice perk), but also to help those who want to get into firearms but are either intimidated or otherwise don’t know what they are doing. My NRA pistol instructor certification lets me help friends (particularly the wives/ladies) get themselves comfortable with firearms and understanding how to have/carry them safely/properly.

    The FFL gives us all collectively better pricing, by allowing us to buy wholesale and with a minimal mark-up to cover expenses, pass along the savings. If you live in SoFlo and want discount ammo & firearms and/or CCW or other classes, email your contact info to newsletter at 305guns . com and what you are interested in/want. I will get you on the list so I can contact you when we are placing orders or planning events.

    Stay safe.

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